Buckenlei Goebel: L’acqua portabile

Water-life project realized by Constanze Buckenlei and Andreas Goebel

After an extensive research at which stage we could interact in humans’ attitude to minimize its water footprint we came across peoples’ habit to buy PET-bottles at the automat.

Especially in Italy it seems to be a big problem which is necessary to be solved. Half liter plastic bottles are bought and thrown away in a constant circulation. In Universities, hostels, museums or big companies you can see this every day. Behind the problem of bottled water is not just the waste which is rising all the time. It is also about that we get dependent on water concerns, and waste water both during the production and the transportation of plastic bottles.

To fix this problem we developed the concept, L’acqua portabile, a deposit bottle automat that represent an all round  well considerate circulation.  In its circulation the prevention of waste production and the required water supply are considered equally.

In the concept of L’acqua portabile the water bottle plays a really essential part, because it tackle the problem on its basic. The bottle is out of recycled glass with a refined closing mechanism in its suitable glass. After buying this bottle at the automat you are free to tap water at any time.

Since the cover of the automat is out of transparent bio-degradable plastic the consumer gets the felling of purity by tapping water. Thereby the user believes in the good quality of tap water as is just rarely the case by using the water faucet. Also the washing process, after using the bottle and the glass, may convince the consumer that tap water is a good open source to use.

The entirely efficiency reach the whole project if we look closer at the washing process. The required water to clean the bottles and glasses will be reused by flushing the loo. Through a sewage line, the used water finds further utilization. Consequently another great quantity will be saved by creating this circulation.

Effectively, water will be saved on every single stage of this deposit bottle automat. Starting with a product by kilometer zero through to the prevention of waste production and the reuse of needed water once before. To install it in Universities or schools seems smart in two different respects. You could educate young people to use water consciously and to promote the bottle as a particular item which belongs to your study desk – either in an atelier, project rooms, or in the classroom. Thus a natural circulation of deposit bottles will start developing inside big buildings.